© 2017 Catherine Le Blanc

"A few years ago, for the first time since escaping, I came back to Gdansk and returned to the house of my childhood. When I opened the door to my bedroom, I couldn't believe my eyes - my toys still laid out exactly the same way as I had left them for our apparent vacation. There I was again, in the Poland of the 1980's. There, where I learned to make something out of nothing, and where the amber is quarried. Where I learned to play, to play without a game - it is my answer to the question, what would you do if you had one more week to live in this world. It adds color to my life. Dark blue, like the cold sea in Gdansk when I dig my heels into the sand. Luminous turquoise, like the accumulation of pools as seen from the air at night when approaching L.A. for landing. The color of orange trees in California. No matter who I play, in what language, or where I am. If it is a castle or an hourly hotel. I breathe what the role breathes. I feel what the role feels. Until, for this moment no role exists anymore. A couple of months ago, I cut off my long blonde hair. I said good-bye to this image of myself, and so I carry on with other things. That's what drives my creativity."


- Catherine